The City of Eternal Hospitality

Experience the vibrant capital of Thailand with Uemura. Bangkok is Thailand's capital and most Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. Being one of the world's top tourist destinations our team wants you to experience the vibrant capital of Thailand with Uemura. Bangkok is known for its wonderfully decorated shrines and lively street life. Uemura assures you that the city of Bangkok will delight you with its charm and elegance at first sight, with an exorbitant combination of classic and modern. Thai hospitality will contrast with the large buildings and incredible views. Visiting Bangkok you will be able to enjoy the uniqueness of their modern and traditional festivals, events and art. Uemura will show you many places of interest, Bangkok brings together in its tourist passages the politics, economy, culture, gastronomy and the spiritual side of Thailand.  It also has an exuberant nightlife. Of course, the best thing to travel is to know the history and the most important places, Uemura takes you to each of them and for that, we leave a brief list of the places you should not miss and why travel to this destination with us. Some of the ideal places that represent Bangkok are the Grand Royal Palace, Sanam Luang, the City Pillar Sanctuary, the Ananta Samakhom Hall, the Dolls Museum, the Museum House and many other places. Bangkok is known among its inhabitants as "the city of angels" and Uemura leads you to understand why, through culture, religion, and history. Uemura guarantees you that you will enjoy every single moment of this city.