Business travel: Top 7 planners for your travel and leisure time - 2020 Updated

Keep everything under control with the help of these 7 planners that will make your business travel easier! Perfect for the balance between leisure and work!

Companies - 15/07/20

What to do in Kioto: 5 days of business travel - 2020 Updated

Don't let work stop you from getting to know Kyoto during your 5 day stay! With this guide you will have a clear idea of what to do in Kyoto during your business travel.

Companies - 14/07/20

What to do in Shanghai : Business travel and leisure time - top activities to meet people in Shanghai

Are you ready to go on a business travel and you don’t know what to do in Shanghai? Here is a list of activities you can do to meet people during your travel and have fun in your free time.

Shanghai is a wonderful city, full of history, tradition, and many technological advances. If you’re passing through on your business travel, you can’t miss these simple activities to enjoy the vibe of Shanghai in your free time. Choose your favorites and write down in your Travel Designer! 👍 ###11 

  1. Meet the city of water
  2. Take a walking tour of Shanghai
  3. Nightlife in the city
  4. Go sh...

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