Take advantage of the time on business trips, visiting the destination, meeting new people and making friends
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Uemura, the travel agency and leisure social network:
With more than 10,000 leisure activities.
With thousands of users with whom you will want to do activities and share your hobbies
With our web tools to organize everything.

What do they think of us?

Person 7b

I always travel on business, but it's never been easier. Now I just have to use the trip designer and organize my leisure and work time.

Person 11b

Now I can enjoy my business trips even more, and I have all the tools at my fingertips. Totally recommended.

Person 9b

Using Uemura I have seen that I shouldn't stress when traveling, even if it's for business. Things flow like never before.

Person 1c

For my business trips I had to schedule everything and I ended up forgetting many details. With Uemura I don't worry about anything and I'm in control of my time.

What do they think of us?


Uemura bursts into the market with exclusive services for the traveler who wants to know cities through unique experiences

The Luxury Editor

Experiencing the luxury of Valencia, with UEMURA

Hand Luggage Only

Uemura have enabled us experience so many facets of the city that we would otherwise not have seen

Nelson Carvalheiro

Uemura is committed to offering nothing less than the absolute best of each city


Uemura stands out in Fitur, the DMC service to improve shopping tourism

About Us.

Our secret, combine a social network with a travel agency and 3 management tools.

The activity planner

Where you organize your free time.

It combines a positioning map, an agenda, and access to all activities organized by categories.

You can even schedule your time to practice your hobbies or your meetings and locate them to fit on your route.

So you can customize everything to your preference.

The shared activities management module

So you can share your activities with other users of the social network. The perfect place to meet new people and potential travel mates for the future. Meeting friends has never been so easy.

Here you can select the profiles that you allow to see it, and then in a forum/chat, you can meet and accept the ones you want. Choose the profile that catch your eye and chat with them to find out what they share in common.

You decide whether to be alone or in a group, you make this activity the beginning of a friendship. Take the chance to meet people during your business travel. Then it will become an opportunity to create group travel and share with friends.

The split payments module

To ensure that no one has to take over the group's payment, each user pays his or her respective share. This too will make your business travel easier, because you will be able to pay for your own expense separately from those of your colleagues.

This module is responsible for managing the payments, booking launch, cancellations, and notifications.

Become an Uemura user for free. You will make new friends and have fun doing activities and practicing your hobbies.

Personalized offers

Create your own personalized offers to find the people who are in tune with you. Meet them, chat with them, and decide if they are what you are looking for. Also, create personalized offers to meet people and potential friends, can be in your leisure or business travel. The most important thing is that it becomes an opportunity to make group travel in the future.

Split payments

Our technology manages group activity bookings. Zero commitments for you.

Multi screen web

Create your own entertainment on the web and use your mobile phone to access your planner, reservations, route or even to ask for a taxi between activities.

User group

Create a group of users to decide between all of you what to do. Suggest activities, make comments about them, vote on them, and join the one you like the most. Share in groups to create fun activities during your business travel with your colleagues. This will allow them to get out of the daily routine and meet people.

Referral program

So that you receive a prize for every friend you invite and who joins the network. Like an influencer! Refer to your partners for financial bonuses! Dare to meet people and invite them to the social network.

All in one place

Reservations, invoices, receipts, routes, photos, and videos you make and the people with whom you did each activity. All linked to your entertainment planner.

Activity planner

Plan an afternoon of recreation, a weekend or a trip. From booking a flight or renting an airplane for a group to nannies, dog walkers. Here you will get all the services you need for your business travel, you won't have to worry about those details anymore. you just have fun and find friends.

Chat 24 hour

You have customer service 24 hours by chat. We're always here for you!

In your city or traveling

Use Uemura wherever you are, in your city, or on a travel. Always at your reach!

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