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Most frequent questions

We offer you a great variety of gastronomic experiences with UEMURA restaurants, all listed sites must comply with our profile and quality standards.

At UEMURA we are committed to taking care of your safety and offering our clients the best experiences.  If you have any special dietary needs, please inform us or directly to your restaurant in advance. 

Write to info@uemura.eu explain your situation and we will take the necessary precautions.

No, your reservation is confirmed at the moment. 

You can also check the status in the Reservations section.

Normally most of the experiences and reservations are friendly for disabled people. 

However, it always depends on the main provider. We recommend you check directly before your reservation or write in the customer service portal and we will guide you through the process.

In UEMURA we have a variety of restaurants for you. Because of that, the dress code may vary depending on what you choose.

We recommend that you ask your restaurant of choice or write write us to the customer service portal and we will assist you.

Normally the restaurants will double check each reservation, sending all our customers to confirm their attendance, an email at the time of booking, and another 48/24 hours before the date and time of your reservation for the final confirmation.

In case of not attending the confirmed reservation, at UEMURA we will not charge you for anything, not even the UEMURA service fee.  However, if all your service is already confirmed by third parties, the cancellation policy that the provider considers necessary within its policies will apply.

Normally, if you arrive 15 minutes later than the indicated time, the restaurant will be entitled to cancel the reservation. We recommend contacting your restaurant if you think you may be late for your reservation and they will indicate if you can keep the reservation.

 If you have any question write us to: info@uemura.eu with your request, contact details and we will assist you as soon as possible.