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Most frequent questions

The multi-user is the perfect tool for your group travel. You can share your activities with you to make the same plans as you. 

Have fun with your friends with UEMURA!

It's very simple! When creating an account in UEMURA you will automatically have access to the benefits of the multiuser and you will be able to start sharing your activities, access UEMURA and click on Register.
To do so, you only need to use your name, email address or your Twitter, Google or LinkedIn account.

Sharing your travel information has never been so easy as in UEMURA. Login to your user. Then, you can select between people who travel with you or friends instantly. 

Also, you can use the social network and meet new people who want to perform the same activities as you, just send the invitation and you can start sharing your experiences.

You can share all your activities with whoever you want, with your traveling companions or you can meet new people in the UEMURA network. 

Remember that, if you want to add people to a reservation of an activity, the number of people that you can add will be determined by the policy of the direct suppliers and the advance with which you make this reservation

The time estimated is marked by the creator of the shared activity. Also, it can be established by the duration of the activity and its availability.

In UEMURA you can share your payments and trips with with whoever you want. We have the perfect tool for you. Split Payment, with it you can choose how to pay your experiences with the users of your trip, all organized in one place.

If you require our assistance write us during your reservation or an email to info@uemura.eu and we will assist you.