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Most frequent questions

You can see the accommodation on our UEMURA site, we invite our clients to make reservations, questions, and payments through our platform in order to guarantee your security and privacy.
 We will provide you with different ways to obtain more information about your reservations and accommodations:

  • Private messages with our customer service
  • Profile checks
  • Verified photos

Also, all the services offered on our platform, have to include information about them before being able to belong to UEMURA.

According to the cancellation policies of UEMURA, in case you need to cancel your reservations, we refund all your money. We do not maintain any cost or penalty policies.

Remember that, if you cancel a reservation, the amount you will be reimbursed will be determined by the cancellation policy of the direct suppliers and the advance with which you cancel this reservation.

 If there has been an error on our part (your booking information, date or location are not correct), write to info@uemura.eu including:

  • Confirmation of the reservation.
  • Confirmation of cancellation.
  • The e-mail address associated with your chosen payment account or your bank details (name of the account holder and the name and address of the bank)

If the main provider has not yet accepted your reservation request, you can cancel it without problems. In UEMURA We will not charge you anything, not even the commission for UEMURA service.
 However, if all your service is already confirmed by third parties, the cancellation policy that the provider considers necessary within its policies will apply.
 Check how to check the status of a reservation request.
 To cancel a pending reservation request:
 Enter your site UEMURA see your travel requests. Find the reservation request you want to cancel and click Cancel Service.
 To cancel an accepted reservation request:
 Write us to: info@uemura.eu with your request, contact details and we will assist you as soon as possible

Of course! With UEMURA you can enjoy your experiences with whoever you want.

In your Flat Reservation section, you can make a reservation for other people. Add the correct information of the person and verify all the confirmation data that will be reviewed in the place of the reservation for security reasons.

Remember that you can have the multi-user tool that will facilitate your group experiences.

If you want more information about reservations, write to: info@uemura.eu and we will help you as soon as possible.

Normally most of the experiences and reservations are friendly for disabled people. However, it always depends on the main provider. 

We recommend you check directly before your reservation or write in the customer service portal and we will guide you through the process.