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Most frequent questions

You can live the UEMURA experience in any browser you like.
But, If you want to enjoy an insurmountable experience, in our platform UEMURA. We recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, update it to the latest version available for your device. Many UEMURA features will not work if you use older versions of this browser. Please note that we can not offer technical assistance if you use an old browser.

If you have forgotten your password or have problems logging into your UEMURA account, visit: www.uemura.eu/clientes/public/login
Select the option: I forgot my password
Enter the email address you use in UEMURA and we will send you an email with a security link to reset your password.

Yes, we are all part of UEMURA! In fact, registering is free and very simple. Just go to UEMURA and click on Register.
To do so, you only need to use your name, email address or your Twitter, Google or LinkedIn account.

Although, we always try to make the space of UEMURA open to the whole world, 
We have to respect international travel controls.

If you have any questions about your destination, regulations or our services, check our frequently asked questions or contact us at: info@uemura.eu.

You can update your profile from your UEMURA account at any time.
Enter your account, go to My Account  section and modify the data you want.
If you need assistance for a change in your account, write us through the customer service chat or contact us at: info@uemura.eu. And we will assist you.

Do not worry we are here to help you! 

If you are in another country, we recommend consulting the embassy or consulate of your country to find a solution.
Check if you have a copy of your lost document (current or expired) or some other identity document (driver's license, identity card).
If it has been stolen, contact a police agency where you are, to report the case and maintain the security of your data.
For more information and immediate assistance of your case contact us in our customer service portal or write to: info@uemura.eu and we will assist you in the process.

At UEMURA your safety is essential. Therefore, to keep your account protected, as well as the information it contains, we present the following recommendations.


  • Make sure you create a password that has at least 8 characters and includes letters, numbers, and special characters (eg, #, $, &,!). We recommend that your UEMURA password be different from the one you use for other accounts (for example, for email, bank account or social networks). In this way, if someone manages to access any of your other accounts, your UEMURA data will always be safe. 


  • Always log in through https://www.uemura.eu check the URL of the page before entering your login information. If you have questions, you can write it directly in the browser's address bar. 
  • Check that the URL starts with "https": this protocol indicates that your connection is encrypted and protects the integrity and confidentiality of the data transmitted between your computer and UEMURA.
  • Keep your device software up-to-date: appliance manufacturers and software vendors constantly offer updates aimed at security risks and include new ways to protect yourself.
  • Install an antivirus: download the software from a trusted source. This will serve to detect, prevent and eliminate common viruses and other types of attacks. Check who is the sender of the messages: do not click on any link or download any attachment unless you know the source of origin.


  • UEMURA will never ask you to make a payment outside of our platform. All transactions and messages must be made through our system. 
  • Check carefully the emails that seem to come from UEMURA. We will never request that you send money through external places or that you reveal your password in an email. If you detect a profile, ad or chain of messages that you consider suspicious, report it immediately for us to examine it. Likewise, if someone sends you a message asking you to make or accept a payment outside our system, write to us immediately.

The information collected in UEMURA when you register, will always remain protected (your email address, password and the airport of origin, and other information of preference that you provide us). 

By making a reservation, you are allowing us to use and store that information related to your account with our direct suppliers.

If you suspect that someone has logged in to your account without your permission, check your user immediately. Entering: www.uemura.eu/clientes 

Review your account and undo any changes that have been made without your knowledge. 

Follow the following steps for your security: 

  • Change your UEMURA password. 
  • Check that your contact information, profile photos and payment methods have not been changed or are not recognized.
  • Confirm that you have made the reservations from your account.

If something seems wrong or out of place, do not hesitate to contact us at: info@uemura.eu we will help you understand any changes made and the way to undo them.  

To prevent others from logging into your account, check our tips to keep your account secure.

Creating an account at UEMURA is extremely simple and free! 

Access UEMURA and click on Register. To do so, you only need to use your name, email address or your Twitter, Google or LinkedIn account. 

Start living your experience today.

The available methods, you can see them on the payment page. Also, at the time of making a reservation. Just, select your service and just before sending the request, all the details will appear.

Take into account that any payment made in cash or outside UEMURA is a breach of our Terms of Service, as it makes it difficult for us to protect your information, which exposes you to fraud and other situations that may endanger your security.

The payment methods that may be available include:

  • The main credit and prepaid cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).
  • Debit cards, which can be processed as credit cards.
  • PayPal, in some countries. (You can check the policies of your PayPal account)

The methods and currencies available vary according to where you are residing. And also, where you have your credit card and bank account domiciled.

Do not worry! You can check all that you can use on your payment page, select your country, all the details will appear.

Remember that any payment made in cash or outside of UEMURA is a breach of our Terms of Service, since it makes it difficult for us to protect your information, which exposes you to fraud and other situations that may endanger your security.

According to the cancellation policies of UEMURA, in case you need to cancel your reservations, we refund all your money. We do not maintain any cost or maintain penalty policies.
Remember that, if you cancel a reservation, the amount you will be reimbursed will be determined by the cancellation policy of the direct suppliers and the advance with which you cancel this reservation.

If there has been an error on our part (your booking information, date or location are not correct), write to info@uemura.eu including:

  • Confirmation of the reservation.
  • Confirmation of cancellation.
  • The e-mail address associated with your chosen payment account or your bank details (name of the account holder, and data of the issuing bank).

You can update the financial data from your UEMURA account at any time.
Enter your account, go to the section My Account followed by My Cards and modify the data you want.

If you want assistance for any change related to your payments, contact us at: info@uemura.eu. And we will assist you.

Do not worry! A credit card can be rejected for various reasons. It depends on the specifications of and use and policies of your provider. Generally, UEMURA is not informed about the specific reason.


  • When you enter your credit card information, such as the card number and billing address, check that all the information is correct, that the card has sufficient funds and that it has not expired.
  • Contact the bank or card provider
  • If you have problems when making a payment, contact your bank or the entity that issued the credit card to obtain more information. Indicate the amount corresponding to the charge, the date and the time at which you tried to make it so that they can authorize the transaction.

If you want assistance for any change related to your payments or credit cards, contact us at: info@uemura.eu. And we will assist you.

Some countries require a visa, in UEMURA we offer you information for it. Write us your application with requirements of where you are and where you are going. Based on this information, we will guide you in the visa acquisition process, the number of tickets, the start date. 

Request more information at info@uemura.eu

An electronic visa is an official document that allows entry and travel within a given country. The electronic visa is an alternative to the visas issued at the ports of entry. 

With UEMURA, applicants obtain their visas electronically after entering the required information and making payments with a credit or debit card.

Some countries may require health documentation and vaccinations, mostly yellow fever. This is if you are going to enter or leave a country that has these legalizations for the sake of health.

 If you need more information write to info@uemura.eu and we will attend you immediately.

If the main provider has not processed your visa, we can make changes without any problem.

We also check your information for errors. If you have already processed your visa, we will have to verify your information to mediate the case.

Write us immediately in our chat or in info@uemura.eu with your request, contact details and we will respond as soon as possible.