What Is Uemura?

Our Company is a fusion between a private concierge and a receptive agency dedicated to tourism of experiences.

What Does Uemura Offer?

We offer our travellers various essential services, tourism activities, experiences and UEMURA experiences. And, of course, all of it is managed at all times by the UEMURA Assistant, if our travellers require his or her help.

What is the difference between these 4 products that Uemura offers?


  • These are services that facilitate the traveller´s trip.
  • The client doesn't need to neither interact nor depend on anything.


This product:

  • Helps the traveller to explore the city or entertain him or herself.
  • Assumes personal interaction from the client.
  • Is usually focused on tourists (tourist activities) or may be repeated in the future, just for fun (sports activities).


This product:

  • Is offered as an entertainment.
  • Assumes personal interaction from the client.
  • Is not necessarily a tourist activity and is designed to be done once.
  • Is designed to leave a lasting memory.

Uemura Experiences

This product:

  • Is offered as an entertainment and / or surprise
  • Assumes personal interaction from the client
  • Is designed as an activity for a certain person or a group of people based on their tastes and profiles
  • Is designed to leave a unique and unforgettable memory
  • Is designed to reach the client´s heart.

Do You Recommend Any Specific Service?

We always recommend that our travellers to book the Holiday Planning service. It is an essential element of your trip. When you book your journey, we start preparing your entire route including timing, transportation and other things keeping in mind, for example, such factors as weather conditions. Based on this information we will recommend you activities, experiences and UEMURA experiences.

Who Is the Uemura Assistant?

UEMURA Assistant is an essential option you can combine with your Holiday Planning. These two services will guarantee a perfect journey that is always managed by the expert so you will never feel lost or bored in the UEMURA City

What Makes Uemura Experiences Special?

At UEMURA we sign each experience. In other words, we are personally committed to putting all our knowledge, resources and our hearts into making your visit a completely made to measure experience. It will leave a mark in your heart. We work on designing and managing your journey, your UEMURA experience.

What Makes Uemura Different From Other Companies?

We are more than a tourism agency that sells activities packages. We are more than a concierge agency that provides you with unique services on request. We are more than a company that offers you experiences. We are all these things combined and much more. No need to worry, just relax and enjoy your journey while we organize and handle everything according to your tastes and preferences.

If I'm Not Completely Satisfied with What You've Offered in the Planning, Can I Make Changes?

Of course, if you are dissatisfied, we can always modify the Planning as we always have various backup Plannings prepared for you.

What If I'm Not Satisfied with An Uemura Assistant You Provided?

All our UEMURA Assistants are highly qualified professionals, experts in their UEMURA Cities, friendly and discreet. However, if you don't feel comfortable with this particular Assistant, we will find a substitute that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Can I Bring My Pets with Me?

We love pets! If you visit an establishment where animals are not allowed, we will take care of your pet and make sure that it gets the best treatment in the UEMURA city.

If I Have Special Dietary or Physical Requirements, Can I Still Enjoy Uemura Experiences?

Of course, we will take care of that matter! We offer completely personalized services and we always find solution, in any situation.

If I Change My Mind and Decide to Cancel the Trip, Will You Return the Amount I've Paid?

In case of cancellation more than 30 days prior to the date of your trip, we will return 100% keeping 200 euros as expenses for planning the holidays.
In case of cancellation between 15 and 7 days prior to the date of your trip, we will return 50% of the amount.
In case of cancellation between 7 and 0 days prior to the date of your trip, we will not be able to return the amount paid.

What If I Arrive Late Missing Some Part Of The Trip?

No need to worry about that. Due to the fact that we offer personalized, made to measure services, we will modify your Planning choosing only the best options according to your new hour or date of arrival. Your UEMURA Assistant will see if it is better to join current UEMURA experience or if it is better to choose another one.

Can You Organize Last-Minute Activities That Were Not Initially Included In The Planning?

We work on satisfying the needs and wished of our travellers both before and during their stay in The UEMURA City. So, if you like improvising, we like it as well. We will adapt the Planning to the circumstances introducing all the necessary changes so that your trip to UEMURA City can be a memorable journey.

Do You Offer 24h Support In Case Of An Emergency?

Yes, during your stay in the UEMURA City you will be provided with a mobile phone number you can dial whenever you need it. Moreover, there is always phone support at the office and a live chat in the website.

Can I Contact You If I Don't Know English?

If you browse our website, you'll see our team is international and speaks 6 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Greek)

Do You Plan My Trip Only In The City Of Destination Or I Can Order Support In My City Of Origin?

We work in the city of destination (UEMURA City), where we manage everything from transportation and accommodation to activities and additional services.
But if you need our assistance in your city of origin, our professional team will be glad to help you.

Can I Expect An Uemura Assistant That Speaks My Language?

In case if your UEMURA Assistant does not know your native language, we will provide you with a professional interpreter so there is no language barrier you can relax during your trip.

In short we will be ready for take-off