Uemura began with a simple idea to offer the traveller a completely personalized tourism service providing everything he or she might need before and during the trip. Therefore Uemura is a combination of tourism agency and a destination management company that designs tailor-made services – unique for every client – through its own offices in every Uemura City…

Uemura Experience

…And the best way to explain this concept is to show an example of Uemura Experience, because it is always better to see it once than to hear it a thousand times. And, of course, it is even better to try it for yourself!

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What Makes Us Different?

During an interview our Commercial Director, among many important themes, answers the following questions:

     - What is Uemura?
     - How is it different from its competitors?
     - What is the price of Uemura services?
     - How do we quote it to the clients?


So, who is Uemura Assistant? As mentioned by our Commercial Director in the video above, this Assistant is a person that knows the city and has all the necessary contacts; he will be your guide and your friend and will be available 24/7 for whatever you might need. See this animated video to get a better idea of how Uemura Assistant manages your trip.

In short we will be ready for take-off