Top 5 restaurants to go with your crush in Shanghai


Breathe a bit, count to five, relax and pay attention to the following, believe me, you will love it. It does not matter if you are a woman or a man, here you will find  #top and  #romantic restaurants in Shanghai to surprise your crush and your date goes like in your best dreams.

We all know that thanks to technology it seems to be difficult to surprise your partner with a “different evening” since social networks have brought many changes for sentimental and sexual routines with benefits for some and to others it is less so, likewise, technology has worked, in this case to find the perfect place to spend a great time with your crush, you can make a difference adding your personal touch to create a special moment. 

In the present time there are many options for restaurants where you can spend special moments that make a difference, with an excellent gastronomic selection, delicious drinks to delight our palates, comfortable and intimate atmospheres to let your date flow naturally. 

And, the most important thing, it won’t be the last date, provided that you want it, there will be much more. Here we offer you a great variety of restaurants where you can go with your crush, assuring you a great evening. 

Element Fresh Restaurant China - Xin Tian Di

It’s a perfect place, trendy in the city which recently opened its doors, offering the best in cocktails and an excellent wine list. This fabulous restaurant is located in the heart of Shanghai and boasts a delectable menu of gourmet salads, the fresher juices and exquisite starter dishes perfecto to share with your crush. 

Furthermore, one of the highlights in this place is its artisanal cocktails, enjoy the happy hour with this super cool idea to break the ice and start the most relaxing evening. Opt for the “secret” dish and surprise your crush with the most delicious and exquisite flavour prepared by the best chefs in the city. 

The atmosphere in the restaurant  is fantastic for a date, its  vintage style combined with a modern decoration make it a very convenient and comfortable place to spend a great moment and forget about the world for a while. 

The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong

This restaurant is a real paradise. Located in one of the best places of Shanghai and very modern and elegant. It is characterized by its measured Chinese cuisine. 

It has been starred Michelin by the Shanghai 2020 Michelin Guide and it conserves an exquisite menu that distinguish it from others, besides of having one of the best views of the city thanks to its location on the 53th floor in one of the most outstanding buildings in Shanghai. 

Its gastronomy is unparalleled, with authentic and creative flavours. You will be able to taste the best of its meal with regional flavours. Take your seat at its elegant tables and ask to keep your glasses full with any of its finest wines, accompanied with a delicious Cantonese tasting dish. 

And voilà, the perfect evening, none will fail, all is, everything is of supreme taste and quality. At the end, ask for a dessert to go and go to walk by the charming Dongping Street to discover the romantic stories from the 30s in the ancient Shanghai. 

Element Fresh Restaurant China- Jinln Qiao (Green City)

If you are looking for a more casual and relaxed ambiance; the Fresh China is perfect to share a delicious lunch and enjoy its atmosphere with a gorgeous garden and a little water fountain. 


The place belongs to a chain of oldest  restaurants in the city, with top quality ingredients. Ask for appetizers like Hummus, Lamb Sandwich Kebabs, Falafel Sliders, Eggplant Sandwich and the special Italian sandwich. They are specialist in preparing the best salads.

In order your date to flow better, ask for the house dessert, say, the conversation is very pleasant and extend it with some coffees. 

Windows on the Park Restaurant

Asian food has a special touch that makes it so seductive. Here in Windows on the Park they tribute to it to enjoy the best selection of its distinguished dishes such as the Perennes. 

But if you prefer to surprise your crush with a more elaborated dish, go to the live station where you have the option for chefs to prepare the dish of your choice, you can see all the process, an additional anecdote to talk about, take advantage of taking some photos, that a chef prepares you a personalized dish does not happen every day. 

Give a sweet touch to your date, tasting one of the best and more tantalize ice-cream pleasures and a wide selection of pastries and local Kuehs in the colorful desserts station. 

Undoubtedly, this will mark a plus on your date to close the delicious food, and if everything flows well, go to have some cocktails to continue the enjoyable talk.


El Ocho Cóctel Restaurant

First dates are usually uncomfortable due to the mixture of nervousness and emotion at going out with a person, that is what best way to relax and have an enjoyable talk than go for a cocktail in a sophisticated and comfortable ambiance. 

El Ocho Cóctel is considered the second cocktail lounge most recommended in the city, it occupies the third floor in one of the buildings with more history in Shanghai, the Taixing Lu.

It is a perfect place to go with your crush to spend a great evening, sit comfortably inside the beautiful property, surrounded by a spacious environment with vaulted ceilings, bricks and wood in sight. 

Furthermore, it counts with a great staff specialist in preparing eclectic cocktails inspired on artisanal drinks, using a serie of unconventional techniques very original and delicious. 

Don’t think anymore and encourage yourself and invite to go out that girl or boy, what is the worst that can happen? That he tells you not? And, if he tells you yes? All is possible. Come on. Book your table in one of these places to spend a marvelous evening, maybe with a few more cocktails and a bit of luck he can be your soulmate.  

Take advantage of the options that Shanghai offers you. These places have a different proposal, choose the one you like the most to bring your crush and have an unforgettable date. 

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