Quick guide: Top 7 destinations to meet your someone this summer


The summer has arrived, the sun, the heat and your body know it so it is time to prepare the suitcases, the body and the liver to visit the best destinations of the summer.

If you are looking for the best and most incredible destinations of summer, where you can meet your fellow party to have an unforgettable summer, you are in the best stage of your life, feel free and jump into the adventure.

To enjoy the summer the key is to choose the perfect destination, either beach or snow you need to make the right selection and enjoy the 7 top destinations this summer.


The giant Asiatic is among the most visited and although your first thought is probably the Mount Fuji,  Tokio, its capital, has an infinite number of activities to engage to enjoy your summer and your bachelorhood.

The capsule hotels flood Tokyo, (you can't bring company there) apart from offering lodging, they save space, which is vital in this city. Enjoy a dip in an Onsen bath, a volcanic hot spring bath or in Sento itself, but they are artificial hot springs.

Now to close the night with a gold clamp, visit a local Shinjuku Karaoke and sing until dawn to the rhythm of the best pop and Sake drinks.


Known for its coasts and island groups, Greece is the perfect destination for summer time and finding love or simply a summer romance under the influence of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love.

Night diving under the moonlight in the warm Greek waters, spend the day on the beaches of Mikonos or enjoy the sunset from the Parthenon with the best company and to be honest if you look for a beach destination Greece and its set of islands are the best choice.


3) Italy

If you want romance and adventure with a cool climate during summer time, you’ve found it, your final destination is the capital city of Rome,undoubtedly  one of the most beautiful cities in the world known as "The Eternal City" for the history that each of its streets holds, plenty of high cuisine restaurants and shopping streets like the Mercado de Campo d' Fiori and romantic restaurants in Trastevere to enjoy a romantic dinner and check with all your senses that Rome is one of the best in Italy.

This marvelous city provides you with the chance to go shopping in the best shops in the city with the help of a fashion expert, who will guide you to choose the right wardrobe and to show off a new look. Visit the Moorish way where you will find the best bars and pubs in the city, with the VIP UEMURA pass enter you won’t have any problem. Now if you fancy a little wine, schedule a tour to Tuscana and be part of a delicious and exclusive wine tasting, with transportation included so you don't have to worry about "drink too much".


Visiting Thailand without visiting Bangkok is a sin, although you will have a love-hate relationship with her, love predominates and you will not regret having chosen her as your summer holiday destination.

Bangkok is an extremely interesting city, full of temples and interesting places like Wat Arun or Wat Pho, but if you look for something more chill out you can climb a skyscraper at dusk and enjoy the view in the company of a beer, or spend the night in Kao Shan or Sukhumvit if you want some adventure and dance until dawn then, to recover for any hangover the next day you can have a massage and continue your trip in Bangkok.

Visit the Chatuchak or Silom flea market and buy souvenirs for your friends.

5) Spain 

The Spanish capital prepares to welcome you during your summer adventure, known for its art, culture and architecture, the Church of the Holy Family and others, but let's leave that to art lovers or family travellers.

For fun and adventure, your best options in Spain are in Barcelona and Valencia. On the Valencian coasts you will find the best restaurants to delight yourself with typical local dishes such as the Goya Gallery restaurant and the counterpoint, known for being part of the best.

If you are looking for open sea adventure, dive with sharks, enjoy the sunset on an open sea catamaran or enjoy the whole day on a yacht sailing along the coast, if you want a plan for the night, you can be part of a wine tasting and hors d'oeuvres with the guide of a sommelier.


To be partying in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is to have the best of the city and the coast in one place, its center is the Plaza de Mayo, accompanied by imposing buildings of the nineteenth century.

Let's talk about the porteña night, the world capital of tango is waiting for you, enjoy an open tango class, an authentic Argentinian style barbecue in the calden of Soho, enjoy the authentic Argentinian cuisine in the pier restaurant with a privileged view of the Río de la Plata.

Last but not least, we have…


Running away from the heat wave? Visit the capital of the republic, the cosmopolitan city of St. Petersburg and please your palate by trying the most assorted, diverse and best vodka in the world (as well as fighting the cold) while you travel the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.

Visit the Leningrad centre, a theatre adapted to modernity that presents live shows every night mixing genres, styles and technology, gives you a unique experience.

Close the night (or start the party) with a dinner at the restaurant "Mansarda" a mixture of typical Russian cuisine with a haute cuisine touch and a privileged view of the historic centre of the city.

Live music and cocktails? Then visit the "48 CHAIRS" “JAZZ BAR with live jazz every night and the best in cocktails.

Whether it's a beach or snow destination these are the summer's top destinations for your dream holiday and nightlife around the world.

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