Planning a Romantic Reconciliation with your partner? Here are 9 great tips for the best Baecation


Holidays are approaching, both have free time and want to go on a romantic getaway, either to celebrate the anniversary or to reconcile in the most #Hottest ???????? possible way.

But it's the first getaway together and you want everything to be perfect, at the end of the day travelling together is also growing as a couple and it's totally understandable that you feel a little nervous about a new stage of the relationship, but to have the "Perfect Baecation" you need more than an incredibly beautiful and romantic destination.

Follow these tips and make sure everything runs smoothly…???????????? ???? ????

 ???? Destination

Choosing the destination is an important part of the trip, the most popular are usually beach destinations or snowy destinations, to spend the whole day hugging mmm....#Hot.

It is important that both of you want to go there, otherwise one of the parties may spend the trip reproaching everything so if you haven’t agree about the place you can choose the destination according to the activities you would like to do, for this you need to make a list in pairs of each activity you want to do and then, look for your ideal destination <3.

Budget. ????????

How much are you willing to spend? Because we all want a Baecation in #Jophie style but not everyone has that budget to do it, decide between the two of you about the individual contribution for the trip or just begin a plan to save money for your journey.

Listening each other. ???? ???? ????

If you are reading attentively, you noticed that everywhere I talk about the 2, and it is that they are 2 who go on a trip so communicate and listen carefully, so that you can enjoy this time together, if communication is effective there will be no reason to discuss and everything will be caresses and tenderness.

The List. ???? . 

Write your list for things to be packed in order to avoid forget something at home or any possible quarrel and in case that you do.. just put on that gorgeous clothing 100% hot???? that you packed and make your partner forget everything.

To avoid forgetting any detail, you can use a complete TripDesigner, which allows you to organize everything in one place either to make your packing list or to schedule EVERYTHING related to the trip, that is to say, the flight, the lodging and even the massage in couple, so that nothing is forgotten.

Couple Goals.⚖️

It doesn't just apply to the photos, which obviously have to be many, but resolve things as a team and remember that travelling together also means growing up as a couple, not just spending all day in the room or in a robe ordering room service. It requires complementing each other as a team, highlighting virtues and working on mutual weaknesses to grow as individuals and as a couple.

So during the trip, share things that each of you must take care of, lodging and food and remember that everything works better when you act as a team.

Say goodbye to your cell phones. ????????.

Remember that you are in your beautiful destination, whether it is an island paradise or a beautiful snowy mountain sharing with your other half, your loved one and the idea is that you take advantage of the time to share and enjoy each other.

Of course, it's not a bad idea to take your phone once in a while, take pictures and share them on social networks to be the envy of your friends and make them spam, but don't let the phone take the lead.


Time alone. 

Although you are on vacation together, with the idea of having a mini honeymoon, it is also valid to allow yourself to spend time alone or apart and suddenly take advantage of doing "That" activity that your partner does not like or go shopping and walk around the city.

It may be difficult to process, but that time alone will make you miss your beloved and want to eagerly get back together... or take advantage of that time and prepare something super hot.

Romantic Time.♥️

You already enjoyed a little time alone, now prepare a romantic dinner by the light of candles or a walk where you breathe romance and remember each other because they are together and the love you have for each other, at the end of the day that's the reason for this trip, right?

Perhaps a private dinner with live music, an outdoor massage or a romantic photo session, even if it seems difficult and complicated, organize everything is only a tap in the social network UEMURA where you can get even the transport back to the airport and make the payments, all in one place, right there you can share the photos, with the #Baecation.


Take care of each other and relax...

Swim with few clothes, long hours in the jacuzzi, relaxing massages in pairs or spend the whole day together lying in bed or on a picnic, take care, enjoy each other's company and celebrate your love.

Remember, "No matter where you go, but who goes with you" ❤️❤️❤️


Tell us all???? about your romantic getaway...

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