Find out what are the best trip planners to meet new people


The last thing we want is that our dream journey become into a chaotic and stressing trip because of not having a trip plan for accommodation and activities.  Fortunately, there are many types of trip planners that help us from buying the flight ticket to the best experiences lived in our journey, and definitely any better than this when we talk about our deserved holiday.

The good thing about these trip planners is that allow you to get organized from beginning to end with useful tools that make us easier the search for all needed information about your destination in only one site and even more so if you are planning to meet new people. Here we have the six better trip planners so you can live the best experience on your dream destination and also meet your best travelling companion.


Many people enjoy their destination by keeping a journal during the trip but, when we talk about Journi, you can do it in such a way that you can label the best moments and photos so you can share them with your beloved ones. This trip planner offers the option of organizing all the information kept from your trip, creating a sort of virtual journal on your mobile phone so you are able to  share everything with your contacts through social networks or email. And by the way, this will help you to find that ideal travel companion. 

The main advantage of Journi is the allowance of adding notes and photographs on your trip  journal without the need of being connected to internet.'


Roma2Río is a trip planning which allows you to find out the logistics for arriving to your desired destination. This app search for almost all transportation means  (plane, train, metro, bus, ferry, taxi and Uber) and will recommend you the best way to reach your destination on your dream trip.

If your destination is a date with that person that you recently met on your trip, with Roma2Río you won’t have to worry about. You can introduce two destinations at once inside a determined city or two remoted points so the app will show your options, including the duration of the trip and its approximate cost. (Keep on mind that this app only allows for searching means of transportation, you can’t book your flights through it).

Are you ready to plan that dream trip and meet new people? Well, the last trip planner will give you an eager desire to travel ????


We know that many times it may be a little uncomfortable to receive all the itineraries by email and even more so if you want all the information in only one place. Whether an airline or an hotel, car rental, among other reservations, to keep all such data in so many places can be extremely annoying.

TripIt will solve this problem since it keeps all your information spread by organizing it in only one itinerary so easy to use. The advantage of this trip planner is the allowance to let you make a choice between to send your trip information on a document created by you and resend confirmation emails or to make the app automatically get messages about your itinerary directly from your recipient’s email inbox. Easy


Uemura and its Trip Designer along with its services are the best tools that you will have to your disposal to plan that dream journey. Here you can  combine the chance to socialize while you get to know, share, and travel all over the world with ALL services included, such as: trips, experiences and activities, without the need of something else.

With our Trip Designer, you have the chance of creating your dream trip so you can have a happy end. The greatness of Uemura, is that allows you to have everything related to the trip, such as: flights, accommodation, excursions, car rental, visa services and more. 


One of the things that distinguish Uemura from other trip planners is that gives you the chance of sharing your trip with the world because you may even be able to to find your favorite travel group. You may only be responsible of creating your ideal trip and sharing it to  everyone who wishes to enjoy a great adventure with you. This is your best choice if you want to have everything in only one place ????


Don’t wait anymore. Start planning your so-longed for trip along with your ideal planner. To organize it with your favorite details so you can know that travel companion who is willing to share with you each adventure.

Find a couple without "searching it" doing group activities.

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