Where are we coming from?

The history of Uemura starts with its CEO. He is an expert in the luxury sector and a connaisseur of concierge agencies' services, both as a user and as a provider, in various cities of Europe, Asia and the USA, where he worked, lived and which he visited countless times. He is the center, the heart and the founder of Uemura.

Where are we going?

We believe that offering services only in one city, as it is done by various destination management companies, limits our potential, our vision and expertise and it does not meet the travellers’ needs. At the same time we avoid strategic alliances or outsourcing as there is a risk of lowering the quality and identity of our services. So from the very beginning, we had the premise of launching Uemura in 4 cities and reaching our objective of being in 56 cities in the shortest time possible.

Ángel B.


Orestes G.

Commercial Director

Sylvia M.

Image and Public Relations Director

Angelos S.

Legal Department

Noelia M.

Legal Department

Mikckael L.

Paris Director

Matt M.

Hong Kong Director

Melany C.

Paris Manager

Eirini T.

Athens Director

Irina L.

Moscow Director

Santiago L.

Taiwan Director Productivity

Fran L.

Digital Solutions

Alex B.

Creativity & Communication

Eugenio L.

Team General Manager

Yulia R.

Sales Belarus

Sonia F.

Sales International

Tyrone F.

Financial Department

In short we will be ready for take-off