Clausulas legales clientes (EN)

User confirms to be agreed with Uemura World Group on:

  1. Privacy policy
  2. General term of the company
  3. Usage terms of website and APP
  4. Cookie usage policy

We provide this URL to revise them:

Therefore, user is agreed to limit/control/admit/respect the established rules by these guidelines and Uemura World Group S. L, its collaborators, providers, intermediaries, travel agencies or others that take part in its services.

Moreover, user is responsible of the veracity its data of the user account or in the system to make bookings and searches, and it confirms that when it uses third-party data, the user has the authorization to use it and the confirmation of the veracity from this data.

User accepts to subscribe and receive commercial and promotional communications of Uemura World Group S.L and its collaborators, providers and similar. User has the option of canceling the subscription at any time in your own personal page.

User accepts the evolution of the legal clauses and confirms that the user accepts its own responsibility of being informed about the evolution accepting entirely while user is active as user.

User asks to be informed about the updates of the policies abovementioned each time they are changed.